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Helping aspiring to mid-level managers

become unstoppable high-performance leaders

Mary’s Mission

Most people do not have access to real-talk leadership training that truly increases their ability to move up and make a difference. Mary’s mission is to reach back and provide real-world, actionable tools and strategies that cut down the leadership learning curve so managers can become visionary leaders that inspire others to follow them so together they can create maximum positive results for their organization and the world.


About Mary Ottman

With a nuclear physicist father and a concert cellist mother, it’s no wonder that Mary Ottman provides a refreshing new perspective on leadership training that will keep your audience entertained and engaged so they can produce maximum results for your organization.

The Serious:
With an MBA and a Master's in Leadership, Mary forged a successful 27+ year career transforming herself from software engineer to successful executive leading multi-generational teams consisting of government, industry, academia, and not-for-profits.

The Scintillating:

Mary is a unique combination of a highly trained leadership expert, a fearless adventurer who leapt off the top of a 108-story building, and a retired associate director formerly managing 150 rocket scientists!

Mary Ottman has the experience and dynamic personality to bring to life the leadership principles that your audience will need to master to succeed in today’s post-pandemic, constantly changing business environment.

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Talk Topics

1 - Pic for Not Getting Promoted Speaking Topic.jpg
2 - Pic for Calm Cool and Collaborative Speaking Topic.jpg
3 - Pic for Shine Online Speaking Topic.jpg
1 - Pic for Not Getting Promoted Speaking Topic.jpg
2 - Pic for Calm Cool and Collaborative Speaking Topic.jpg
3 - Pic for Shine Online Speaking Topic.jpg
1 - Pic for Not Getting Promoted Speaking Topic.jpg
2 - Pic for Calm Cool and Collaborative Speaking Topic.jpg
3 - Pic for Shine Online Speaking Topic.jpg

Not Getting Promoted and Nobody’s Telling You Why?

Learn to Self-Diagnose Your Blind Spots and Become a Leader Your Organization Finds Indispensible!

Most aspiring to mid-level leaders have blind spots that are keeping them stuck where they are in their careers.

These are the blind spots that no one wants to tell them about. Not their bosses, their peers, or their employees.

Mary gives these leaders real-world tools to learn how to self-diagnose the blind spots that are preventing their success, so they can become the high-performing leaders their companies find indispensable.

Calm, Cool, and Collaborative:

The 3C Leadership Principles You Need to Lead in Today's Fast-Paced, Chaotic Tech Business Environment

You were a champion task slayer when it came to cranking out the technical work and you were recognized as an expert in your technical area.

As a result, you were promoted because of your stellar technical skills and you now lead a successful organization.

But is your organization succeeding "because" of your leadership or "in spite" of your leadership skills?

Many times technical experts are promoted to the next level in their organization based on their past successes. However, they are not equipped with the leadership skills necessary to fully develop, support, and lead their cross-functional teams to the maximum level of success possible.

Your team needs a Calm, Cool & Collaborative leader with both strong technical and also soft skills to create massively positive results for their organization.

You can use the 3C Leadership Principles to get you there.

Feeling Invisible at Work?

Learn the Top Five Ways to Shine Online

Do you find yourself presenting at meetings where your words seem to fall on deaf ears? Are you tired of having people talk over you in meetings, so your great ideas go unnoticed?

It was bad enough before the pandemic, but now that many of us are working from home and meeting on Zoom, it's become even harder to stand out.

Learn the top five ways to shine online so your great ideas stand out and get you the recognition you deserve!



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Mary's talk was fun and engaging. She involved the audience well and had great answers to their questions. She's got a ton of real-world knowledge, tools, and techniques for helping engineering leaders build safe, happy, and productive teams. The content in the presentation was useful and applicable and I'd love for more managers to see it. We'd be delighted to have her back to speak again and would recommend her for your meetup or event.

Brandon Hays

Co-organizer of the Lead Developer Network Meetup, Austin, TX

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